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What's Happening at QPE

QPE Rolls out expanded MRP Platform
Editor December 2017

On December 1st QPE ADVANCED MACHINING commenced roll out of ECI M1 software. M1 is ERP software that will assist us to grow by integrating every facet of our business within a single, robust system. From accounting to inventory, purchasing, sales, and production, to shipping and receiving, M1 streamlines critical daily processes. The advantage M1 provides is real-time visibility into all aspects of our business, enabling us to respond proactively as needs arise.



QPE Advanced Machining Successfully completes ISO9001 Audit
Editor October 2017

In October 2017 QPE ADVANCED MACHINING's Auditor, SAI GLOBAL completed the ISO9001 audit, passing QPE with no major non-conformances.



QPE Expands
Editor December 2016

In December 2016 QPE completed its relocation to a larger facility.

The key features are increased floor space, 50% more power available, twin 12.5 tonne overhead cranes.



QPE Installs additional 4 axis capacity

Editor December 2016


QPE has installed an additional high speed 4 axis machine tool. The Twin Pallet DMG MoriSeiki NHX4000DCG Machine tool enables our Advanced Machining facility to increase capacity particularly in the region aerospace and medical component machining. The technology is complimentary to our existing 4, 5 and 7 axis machine tools.


The NHX4000DCG uses full linear scale feedback on all axes coupled to the powerful CELOS controller. With strokes of X = 560mm, Y = 560mm and Z = 650mm, the NHX4000DCG is perfect for mid size components requiring high accuracy.



QPE Installs additional 5 axis capacity


QPE has installed an additional high speed 5 axis machine tool. The DMG MoriSeiki DMU65 Monoblock enables our Advanced Manufacturing Group to increase capacity particularly in the region aerospace and medical component machining. The technology is complimentary to our existing 4, 5 and 7 axis machine tools.


The DMU 65 uses full linear scale feedback on all axes coupled to the powerful Heidenhain iTNC 530 controller. With strokes of X = 735mm, Y = 650mm and Z = 560mm, the DMU 65 is perfect for mid size components.



QPE Installs large AWEA 5 axis


QPE has installed an AWEA FMV 99 5 axis Gantry Machining centre.


The highly rigid overhead gantry and trunnion table design delivers maximum rigidity for heavy / large workpiece machining.


The AWEA FMv 99 uses full linear scale feedback on all axes coupled to the powerful Heidenhain iTNC 530 controller. With strokes of X = 800mm, Y = 900mm and Z = 660mm, the AWEA FMV 99 is perfect for large size components.

QPE Installs 3D additive prototyping technology from 3D Systems


PAMG and QPE Chief Executive Officer Mr. Grant Tinney said: “Our business is built around assisting clients getting their products to market in the shortest timeframes possible. The 3500HDPlus Projet Printer enables our Advanced Manufacturing Group to deliver industry leading prototype accuracies in multiple polymer materials. The technology is very complimentary to our existing 3D CNC machined prototypes as well as Vacuum Cast technologies."


The ProJet 3500 HDPlus uses Multi-Jet Modeling technology to deliver high quality, durable plastic parts. This model has 3 different resolution modes for printing concept models, verification prototypes and patterns for pre-production and manufacturing.


A 16 micron print resolution delivers exceptional parts with unmatched micro-detail and surface quality using the VisiJet materials. These UV-cured plastic materials are available in a range of colors, translucensies and tensile strengths, with melt-away white wax as support material.

QPE Installs laser cutting technology at Gillman plant


PAMG and QPE Chief Executive Officer Mr. Grant Tinney said: “QPE has recently secured ongoing projects involving very high levels of customisation. The Laser cutting manufacturing cell has been established to enable data to be accepted from clients websites direct to the machine controller. The product requirement is for the highly visual aspect of the assembly to be custom profiled prior to final assembly based on online customer created design data downloaded.The cell deploys agile advanced manufacturing techniques that will allow our clients to meet growing demand and increase sales by a factor of ten over the next 2 years.”

QPE is at the forefront of supplying customers with high degrees of component customisation..

If you require assistance in customised assemblies and complex components, talk to the knowledgeable staff at QPE....

QPE Secures Approval to supply components and assemblies to ASC and AWD


Grant Tinney, PAMG Chairman and QPE Chief Executive Officer said: “This is excellent news that demonstrates the high level of trust ASC and AWD have in both our technology and the expertise of our highly skilled workforce. The QPE facility deploys advanced manufacturing techniques that enhance our defence related manufacturing capability.”

Under this agreement QPE will supply both ASC and AWD with  leading-edge component and assembly manufacturing to the highest standards of quality to support current and future programme needs..

QPE manufactures defence related components for land, sea and air at its Gillman facility.

If defence related machining, particularly with high levels of value add such as coatings, plating, painting etc is your requirement, talk to the knowledgeable staff at QPE....

QPE passes ISO9001:2008 Quality Audit with zero non-conformances.


As part of the company’s rigorous ISO compliance regime, QPE recently underwent a complete yearly audit of its operations. The company’s processes that were put under the spot light included work processes, quoting, customer records and security / back up of data.

The positive result reaffirms QPE’s focus on continuous improvement and customer service in line with proven management principals. 

In their findings, the auditors stated that QPE has a robust and scalable system that is a perfect fit to its current and future growth requirements. They commended all staff involved and stressed the importance of maintaining the momentum and continuing to evolve and enhance all systems currently in place.

QPE Grows Mineral Exploration Mining Business


QPE has been at the forefront of supplying major mining and support companies components for mineral exploration and drilling applications for over 15 years. Our investment in premium Mazak and Mori Seiki Mill - Turn 5 axis CNC machine tools coupled to our inhouse mining components knowledge has seen a steady increase of inquiries.

QPE manufactures well over 100 individual components for exploration drilling equipment and support systems, as well as   all requisite tooling. These products are used in industries such as mineral exploration, mining, energy, environmental sampling and remediation, as well as infrastructure reinforcement and development.

If mining is your game, talk to the knowledgeable staff at QPE....

QPE installs two Sodick CNC Electro Discharge machines ( EDM's ).

CNC Sinker EDM machining, like WIRE EDM uses spark erosion to machine blind cavities. The process employs machined electrodes that produce sparks along the surface of the electrode to sink or erode the cavity. QPE Sodick CNC EDM machines are outfitted with a C-Axis for orbital and helical machining. The sinker EDM is ideal for a number of applications :

  - Blind Cavities / Blind Keyways

  - Intricate Details / Sharp Corners

  - Fine Finishes (Surface Finishes to 0.5um). Tolerances can be held to .005mm

  - Thin Walls and Cross Sections

  - Machining Threads into Hardened Parts

  - Internal Splines, Squares, or Hexes

  - Any conductive material can be Sinker EDM machined, including Aluminum, Brass, Carbide, Copper, Hastalloy, Inconel, Steel, Stellite, A-286 Superalloys and Titanium. 

Come and see our machines at work...

Thinker in Residence Goran Roos releases "Manufacturing for the Future:

Group Chief Executive Mr. Grant Tinney has had the pleasure to discuss first hand with Professor Goran Roos the challenges facing the manufacturing industry in Australia. Professor Roos has now released his final report on his recommendations for South Australian government / industry which can be accessed by following the link below.

Of particular note is the work that we are doing as a group to develop customers and our own IP, refine our business models and add value particularly with digital manufacturing and developing strong links and JV's with like minded businesses.

QPE staff get to see and work on some fantastic products that our customers develop. QPE and the Precise Group of synergistic Advanced Manufacturing businesses can assist you to develop and commercialise your products and are looking for the next challenge.....

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