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At QPE we help you to manufacture your products at a quality and cost that makes your business competitive. We are passionate about CNC machining from prototypes to your most complicated assemblies.

QPE has at its disposal an enviable group of precision machining equipment including 4,5 and 7 axis CNC machine tools, CNC Wire and CNC sink EDM's, CNC Mill - Turn, and robot loaded production equipment.



QPE CNC machine prototype parts, where speed is of the absolute essence, through to medium and high volume parts. We are experienced at handling your value added processes such as painting, plating and assembly. Let us take the worry from you. You are in great hands.

QPE has many years experience in CNC Machining all common engineering materials and a great deal of non common ones as well such as inconel, most grades of titanium, composites etc.

Our vision is to achieve a LEADERSHIP POSITION 

as a Tier 1 supplier of precision machining services to industries and companies looking for innovative partners..

News & Publications

June 2019


QPE ADVANCED MACHINING successfully installs Mazak QT350MY and QT200 precision Lathes to provide additional manufacturing capability and capacity.


April 2019


QPE ADVANCED MACHINING successfully installs FARO Laser Tracking to provide contract measurement of large work pieces and assemblies but also to allow it to measure very large projects whilst still on the machine.


February 2019


QPE ADVANCED MACHINING successfully installs large Precision Doosan Horizontal CNC Borer. Equipped with Glass Scales this machine is capable of very high precision work. 


July 2018


QPE ADVANCED MACHINING successfully upgrades to ISO 9001:2015. The team at QPE Advanced Machining is proud to announce the certification upgrade of our Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2015. This completes our manufacturing group's upgrade to the new standard. Whether clients are after precision machining, mould and dies, automation or fabrication, we have you covered.


June 2018


QPE ADVANCED MACHINING upgrades to the 2019 Powermill and Powershape Manufacturing software. PowerMill is the expert CAM software for manufacturers of molds, dies and highly complex components wanting to achieve the maximum efficiency and quality from their high-speed, machine tools. PowerShape is a modeling for manufacture toolkit combining the strengths of surface, solid and mesh modelling to prepare moulds, dies and complex parts for manufacture.


December 2017

On December 1st QPE ADVANCED MACHINING commenced roll out of ECI M1 software. M1 is ERP software that will assist us to grow by integrating every facet of our business within a single, robust system. From accounting to inventory, purchasing, sales, and production, to shipping and receiving, M1 streamlines critical daily processes. The advantage M1 provides is real-time visibility into all aspects of our business, enabling us to respond proactively as needs arise.


December 2016

QPE ADVANCED MACHINING moves its operation into larger plant still at Gillman. The key features are increased floor space, 50% more power available, twin 12.5 tonne overhead cranes.


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Areas QPE Can Help You

Prototyping inc. 3D Additive

CNC Precision Machining

Cost Down Engineering

Electroplating and Painting

Machined Billet, Castings, Mouldings, Stampings, and Fabrications

Metrology Services including Offsite Laser Tracking Service

Mechanical Fitting and Repair Service