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Advanced Machining

Advanced Machining


​At QPE we are passionate about CNC Machining and supplying our customers with great service and parts On -Time. We have a great group of clients and a top-notch, validated supplier base.  We welcome your challenges and feel sure that you will find QPE a competitive supplier of precision machined parts and assemblies.

QPE specialises in precision machined parts and assemblies for customer industries including aerospace, defence, medical, electronics, mining, and renewable energy. QPE provides quality assured production incorporating processes for CNC machining, assembly, inspection, validation, and traceability.

QPE operates a clean manufacturing facility based on lean principles. We work closely with our customers to continually look for opportunities to make them more competitive.​​

Stärke Advanced Manufacturing Group Logos

QPE is a partner of Stärke-AMG. QPE is able to access the full services of the group to provide customers with a seamless integrated service of Advanced Manufacturing services.

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